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Our Programs
  • *INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION*Unfurling of National Flag will take place at 9.30 a.m. on 15 Aug ( Saturday) at Maharashtra Bhavan, Sector 19 D, Chandigarh. All are cordially invited. While visiting all are to follow directions, very religiously, issued by the Chandigarh Administration for fighting COVID 19 during the celebration.
Aims and Objectives


                                                (Approved by the general Body on 14.4.83)


1.0          NAME :                 The Association shall be called MHARASHTRA MANDAL, Chandigarh, hereinafter  

                                            Referred to as the ‘MANDAL’.

2.0          OFFICE  :               The office of the Mandal will be at Maharashtra Bhawan, Sector 19-D,                   

                                             Chandigarh: 160019.


3.0          AIM & OBJECTIVES          :


                                “The objective of the Mandal is to strive for national unity and bring about emotional

                                Integration by


1.      Organizing a composite body of citizens of Maharashtrian origina and

Other having appreciation in Maharashtrian culture, residing in

Chandigarh and adjacent areas of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal  

Pradesh, and

2.      Presenting Maharashtrian culture as an important link of the

composite Indian culture.

3.      Following activities are to be undertaken in order to achieve the

above stated objectives.


A.      To organize culture, social and educations programs.

B.      To build up social relation with the local people and celebrated social, cultural and historical festivals of Maharashtra such as GudiPadva, shivaji jayanti, Tilak punyatithi, Ganeshutsav, kojagiri, Diwali, Sankrat, and Holi etc; so as to acquaint the local people Maharashtrian culture.

C.      To associate with celebration of local National festivals.

D.      To hold competitions in elocutions, paintings, recitations, games etc. as also programs such as lectures of dramas, musical concerts etc.

E.       To organize performances of cultural programs for the algmentation of Mandal funds on suitable occasions.

F.       To run free classes for teaching Marathi to the local people and also to organize classes where the Maharashtrians can learn the local Punjabi language.

G.     To organize teaching of Marathi language and literature of Maharashtrian children.

H.      To render medical and within the means of the Mandal to the needy poor and to organize raising of relief funds in the events of national calamities.




1.       To raise and accept gifts, subscriptions etc. furtherance of the above said objectives.



Maharashtra Mandal Chandigarh is a non-commercial community for Maharashtrians in chandigarh. We are not involved in any commercial activities or do not post any advertisement any where. We are not responsible for any misleading advertisement anyone post by our name.